White Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers

  • Name:  Poly mailer
  • Feature -Waterproof mailing solution for a range of postal applications

-Manufactured from 60 micron virgin LDPE

-Featuring an easy peel and seal strip for fast, secure closure

-Subject to a manufacturing tolerance on the dimensions of +/-5%, and +/-10% on thickness

  •   Notes: Customize Printing is available



What is a returnable mailing bag?

Our mailing bags are made easily returnable through the double peel and seal feature. This allows the package to be fastened closed with a first peel and seal adhesive, opened by the customer via the simple tear strip and then re-sealed with the second peel and seal strip should the order need to be returned. Simplifying the returns process increases customer confidence when placing an order; the reassurance of a user-friendly system will encourage sales and positive transactions.

Are the postal bags environmentally friendly?

These mailing envelopes are an ideal environmentally friendly alternative to polythene mailing bags, comprising of sustainable kraft paper and 100% recyclability. Kraft paper is inherently better for the environment than many other paper manufacturing processes as it doesn’t use excessive bleaching and almost all of the materials involved can be reused or recovered. As a result, the method of production is self-sustaining and promotes the concept of zero waste.

What are the features of the returnable packaging?

In addition to the dual peel and seal strips, our mailing bags also feature a range of other functional properties designed to make them highly effective for an assortment of products and industries. The edges expand due to the gusseted side construction to allow for an impressive volume of extra capacity. The block bottom enables the mailer to stand up and be efficiently packed. By folding inwards when not filled, the product remains compact and flat-packed for convenient storage within a warehouse or packing station. The kraft paper itself is 120gsm, a durable heavy-duty resource that boasts greater strength than other papers to reliably package a variety of products without ripping. To easily open the parcel, a customer can utilise the perforated tear strip that leaves the rest of the bag intact for resealing and returning if necessary using the adhesive strip.

What can these mailing bags be used for?

As these kraft parcels are available in three different sizes, they are designed to suit a large range of different products across different industries. Gifts, clothing, cosmetics, homeware or accessories are just a few items that would be capably packaged and transported by our returnable mailers. Fashion retailers may especially benefit from our returnable mailing bags since customers can be reluctant to invest in clothing before they have tried the garments on themselves; a simple returns process acts as a safety net that grants them the confidence to complete transactions rather than abandoning their baskets due to uncertainty. The larger variety enables consumers to order several sizes of the same item, for example, to find the right fit and return the others with ease. Large and bulky items are also excellently contained within this postal packaging due to the flexibility offered by the expandable side gussets. These resealable paper bags are rife with versatility to suit many ecommerce businesses wishing to offer their customers easy returns and an elevated shopping experience to compete with the growing marketplace.


Are these shipping mailers waterproof?

Yes. Our classic poly mailer bags are made from highly durable LDPE This material is great to serve as an additional layer of protection to prevent your box from rain, water and snow.

Do you have Stock(Ready for ship)

Yes, we have stock for many colors. you can send message to us. we will send you the size chart.

Can I design my own shipping mailers?

Yes, for now we have different printing machines to provid customizable options to meet your unique packaging needs.

What are some common uses for shipping mailers?

Shipping mailers can be used as protective packaging and a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods (e.g., clothing & accessories) and printed material (e.g., magazines) can be shipped using just postal bags. They are a favourite among fashion brands. They are also great for protecting mailer boxes from damage, rain and other elements.

Do you offer samples

Yes we can, please feel free to contact us about the samples.

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