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Kraft bubble envelope

The kraft bubble envelopes are made from a 104gsm Kraft paper exterior with a 55 microns polyethylene coating to grant the product water resistance. This type of paper exhibits premium protective qualities and is heralded as an excellent eco-friendly option. It achieves this status by its manufacturing process omitting the excessive bleaching common in other methods of making paper, hence, using significantly less energy while maintaining greater material durability. As such, these bubble bags boast extra strength and puncture resistance, acting as highly reliable postal packaging for a range of purposes.

The interior of these padded envelopes features a fully laminated lining of astro suprabubble. This grants the entire packaging solution outstanding shock absorption and provides great internal protection for the contents of the parcel. The flat seam construction of the bags enables this bubble lining to hug the inside objects, preventing movement and promoting their safe passage through the postal system.


Are these shipping mailers waterproof?


Do you have Stock(Ready for ship)

Yes, we have stock for many colors. you can send message to us. we will send you the size chart.

Can I design my own shipping mailers?

Yes, for now we have different printing machines to provid customizable options to meet your unique packaging needs.

What are some common uses for shipping mailers?

Shipping mailers can be used as protective packaging and a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods (e.g., clothing & accessories) and printed material (e.g., magazines) can be shipped using just postal bags. They are a favourite among fashion brands. They are also great for protecting mailer boxes from damage, rain and other elements.

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Yes we can, please feel free to contact us about the samples.

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