Direct Thermal Labels, Perforated UPC Barcode FBA Labels

DT Lables

  • Uncoated direct thermal labels
  • Every label has a permanent adhesive
  • Labels are outside wound
  • Available in a range of label sizes
  • Perforated between each label for easy tear and stick (except for 4 x 6 inches with 38mm core)


Our range of white universal labels on a roll can be the perfect addition to a variety of industries and with a permanent adhesion, they are sure to stay secure. Our range of uncoated direct thermal labels can be used in printers that have a ribbon, and those that don’t. Perforated between each label for easy tear and stick (except for 4 x 6 inches with 19mm core).

The labels are easy to load into suitable printers and are compact making them easy to store. We have a range of sizes available to suit many requirements.

Below are some examples of how the labels are used within different industries:



Supermarkets and food shops have to ensure that all food is labelled up with the correct information and it is vital that the labels stay secure. Our labels are ideal when labelling food with information such as the date, price, weight and so on.

Warehouse and logistics operations

Warehouse and logistics operations need to run efficiently in order to keep up with the daily demands. One way to keep organised is through the use of labels. Labels are essential in the process of tracking, barcoding, shipping, delivery instructions and much more.


Labels are an office must-have. Whether it’s for items being sent out in the post or simply for organisation, these labels are ideal for anything that requires labelling.


Do you have Stock(Ready for ship)

Yes, we have stock for many size. you can send message to us. we will send you the size chart.

Can I design my own size ?

Yes, but it will have a moq

What kind of printer is compatible?

  • Compatible with Rollo & Zebra Desktop Printers: LP2824 , LP2844 , TLP2824 , TLP2844 , ZD410 , ZD420 , ZD500 , ZD620 , ZP450 , ZP500 , ZP505 , GC420d , GC420t , GK420d , GK420t , GX420d , GX420t , GX430t , MUNBYN , POLONO , IDPRT & Rollo!

Do you offer samples

Yes we can, please feel free to contact us about the samples.

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