Honeycomb sleeves

  • Name:  Honeycomb sleeves
  • Feature -Unique sleeving with a honeycomb design to protect a wide range of delicate items

-100% recyclable and biodegradable alternative to plastic and polystyrene

-A width expansion of between 20 – 250mm

-Can be purchased with or without postal boxes or pinch top box

-Cost-effective solution to paper alternatives such as ‘pulp’ packaging

  •   Notes: Customize size is available



Honeycomb sleeves

What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb bottle packaging is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable alternative to plastic and other protective packaging solutions such as polystyrene bottle packs and is much more cost-effective than other paper alternatives such as ‘pulp’ packaging. Suitable for protecting a wide range of delicate items, the unique honeycomb design makes the Honeycomb bottle sleeve extremely strong and adaptable and produced from 85% recycled paper, it improves your green credentials, and is completely plastic-free. The robust, cardboard sleeve made from an expandable honeycomb material has an innovative hexagonal cell structure, not only does this provide incredible strength, but it is also extremely flexible. And with hexagon being one of the strongest shapes known, it is no surprise that if you want something to protect or hold a lot of weight to use this pattern.


What type of products does Honeycomb protect?

Honeycomb is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of products, particularly glass bottles, ceramics, homeware, cosmetics and much more. It is aesthetically pleasing, therefore making it the ideal product for presentable packing solutions.

325 x 35 x 20mm in size and due to the flexibility of the product it has a width expansion of between 20 – 250mm.


What should I useHoneycomb with?

We advise usingHoneycomb with our uniquely designed pinch top box (see below for more info) these can be purchased individually or as a bundle, however, they can also be used in conjunction with our single wall outer boxes (available as a bundle), being sure to fill any voids with our paper bubble, or SpeedMan paper range.


Honeycomb pinch top box

Our unique in-house designed pinch bottle top box is the perfect addition to ourHoneycomb bottle protection. Designed with protection and efficiency in mind this bottle protection box will be sure to protect your items during transit.


What is a pinch top bottle box?

The name pinch top comes from the boxes unique design. When closing you simply pinch together the two edges fold the peel-&-seal flap over and secure. The pinch top of the box has a 42mm void which works to prevent further movement in transit, therefore reducing damage.


What is a pinch top bottle box used for?

Our pinch top boxes are designed to be used with ourHoneycomb sleeves, the perfect combination to protect bottles, ceramics, gifts, homewares, cosmetics and much more in transit.


Is a pinch top bottle box environmentally friendly?

Yes, our pinch top box is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, therefore enabling you to demonstrate your environmental responsibilities to your customers and maintain your green credentials. Teamed with ourHoneycomb bottle sleeve, one big advantage of these two components is that they are completely plastic-free and can be placed in with cardboard recycling waste.


Is it easy to erect?

Yes, with a crash lock bottom base and peel-&-seal strip they are extremely easy to use. If you need any more help, please see our demonstration video below.

Step 1. Place theHoneycomb sleeve over the top of the item.

Step 2. Get your pinch top bottle box and remove the attached easy to assemble 21mm impact base from the top of the pinch top box, assemble it and then place into the pinch top bottle box pushing it to the very bottom (video demonstration available below).

Step 3. Once secured inside, simply tear off the peel-&-seal strip cover, pinch the top of the box together, fold the flap over and seal.

Do you have ready stock?

No. please contact us if you want to know more.


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