Travel Transparent Doggy Seal Air Column Bag Shockproof Air Bubble Sheet For Wine Bottle Fragile Protection Inflatable

  • Name: Air Shock bottle packs
  • Feature -Specially designed packs for protecting glass bottles

-Pouches have a pre-inserted valve, to make inflation even easier

-Inflate on demand using an air compressor

-Choose packs with an outer box for additional protection

  •   Notes: Customize size is available



About Air Shock bottle packaging

Air Shock is an ‘armoured air’ product from Seasunpac Packaging, designed to protect glass bottles in transit.

As with our standard range of air cushion packaging, the bottle packs are stored and delivered flat ready to be inflated as and when they are needed. Our range of air compressors and inflation kits are essential for the inflation of the packs.


  • Easy to inflate: all our air bag bottle packaging comes with a pre-inserted valve to aid inflation for labourers
  • Lightweight: inflatable air cushion bottle packs are 98% air once inflated, reducing your overall pack weight significantly
  • Excellent shock absorption: an essential benefit when shipping glass, packs are made from LDPE and are rigid when inflated, providing 360 degree air cushioning
  • Easy to handle: pack time and labour costs can be reduced dramatically, as one pack is all that’s needed to pack a product
  • Space-saving: un-inflated pouches take up a margin of the space needed to store polystyrene or foam fittings
  • Presentable: inflatable packaging pillows are transparent, presenting good-looking bottles in an interesting way
  • Hygienic: no harsh chemicals or toxic residue, ideal for the drinks and pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmentally-friendly: can be deflated after use and recycled

Do you have ready stock?

Yes, we have many different sizes in stock. please contact us if you want to know more.


Are these shipping mailers waterproof?

Yes. Our classic poly mailer bags are made from highly durable LDPE This material is great to serve as an additional layer of protection to prevent your box from rain, water and snow.

Do you have Stock(Ready for ship)

Yes, we have stock for many colors. you can send message to us. we will send you the size chart.

Can I design my own shipping mailers?

Yes, we can do different sizes and logo.

Do you offer samples

Yes we can, please feel free to contact us about the samples.

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