100% biodegradable and compostable eco-friendly Air bubble film Inflatable Air Cushion Bubble Wrapping Roll Film

-Manufactured from 60~120 microns biodegradable PE

-100% recyclable with a permanent seal

-Subject to a manufacturing tolerance on the dimensions of +/-5mm on size

  •   Notes: Customize size is available



100% Biodegradable Bubble Mailers

Our compostable products are made of plant starch, which is100% biodegradable. They are phthalate free, no bisphenol A non-toxic and harmless for the environment, fully biodegraded in 90-180 days.
2. We are capable of various certificates for USA, EU standards.
3. OEM/ODM is available, mold fee is refundable once order is placed.

We supply a wide range of premium-quality bubble wrap, suitable for a wide range of uses. Essentially, bubble wrap is a form of protective packaging, described primarily as ‘in-the-box protection’ since it is commonly wrapped around an item that needs cushioning protection when packed into an outer box. Bubble wrap is one of the most trusted and common forms of protection for a wide range of items with the benefits offering protection against impact damage, scratches, and scrapes. Typically bubble wrap is used by wrapping, interleaving, or void filling. When manufactured in combination with other materials it can also be used for specialist applications and products. For example, our range also includes specialist furniture protection, manufactured from Astro Bubble with special protective coatings to safeguard highly polished furniture from knocks, scruffs, scrapes, and vibrations, all of which carry the risk of causing damage and also anti-static, that prevents the build-up of static electricity.


Are these shipping mailers waterproof?


Do you have Stock(Ready for ship)

No. it is customized type.

Can I design my own shipping mailers?

Yes, for now we have different printing machines to provid customizable options to meet your unique packaging needs.

What are some common uses for shipping mailers?

Shipping mailers can be used as protective packaging and a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods (e.g., clothing & accessories) and printed material (e.g., magazines) can be shipped using just postal bags. They are a favourite among fashion brands. They are also great for protecting mailer boxes from damage, rain and other elements.

Do you offer samples

Yes we can, please feel free to contact us about the samples.

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